By Ashok Silwal

It is cold now here in Kathmandu.
In the round of the seasons,
Winter has settled
In streets and homes.
The snow is far away
On the awe-inspiring peaks.

But down in the valley,
My body feels cold:
Asleep, unfeeling,
Slow, shrunken
Heavy and lazy.
Under the blanket
It does not dare to move.
Like the bear
Hibernating in its lair,
Waiting for the honey tomorrow.

My arms, my legs, my chest
Will rest and doze
In trust and hope,
For the warmest hugs,
When in the round of the seasons
Will come back the Spring
In the colors of HOLI.

Day will come
In the Great Circle of the Nature.

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  1. What a fabulous poem. Written nicely by my friend, Ashok, who was my tour guide on my first trip to Nepal years ago. He is an inspiration and I’m glad to have made a life long friend from this my favorite country.

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