By Dahlia Tera

They will have asked you
Or you asked yourself
If you dream
In black and white or in color….
And, being dreams,
Maybe your answer did not leave doubt:
Colored sparks, colorful waves,
Blue skies with multicolored flowers,
Green and golden butterflies,
Strange orange inflamed suns,
Hanging above violet meadows,
Unlikely birds flying with pink and yellow clouds…
Imagination and fantasy
Knead with memories and desires…
Dreams have no limits, no boundaries.
You feel you are living into Art.

And the same question about life ..?
In black and white or in color?
Black and white is rigorous and formal,
Without major surprises probably;
Maybe it is easier, fifty fifty,
Because if it is not white, it is black,
Or the other way around;
And really, at most, with black and white
You make gray…
The life in black and white
Has something always the same, monotonous,
The safety of routine but also its boring predictability.
Yes, black and white can also be
Balance and sobriety, elegance and discretion,
In special photo shoots, in Yin-Yang philosophy,
Seriousness and respect for others.

And what about life in colors?
More disordered, more creative and inventive,
More childish and spontaneous,
Unexpected and free, even if more risky too..
Because colors have a thousand combinations;
You don’t know where they take you,
You never get bored but often you are a bit rambling.

Life in colors is a free butterfly above flowers,
Life in colors is a joyful song
Outside and inside…

Some days you need the deep silence of black and white,
Some days you need the sounds of energetic colored dances
And you know anyway
That the colored pencils are in your hands.

In black and white , you have the outline
But, you have to fill it….
In blue like the sky,
In yellow like the sun,
In green like the grass,
In red like the blood,
In brown like the earth,
In rose like a flower,
In orange like a fruit ….
In the thousand mixtures and shades
Of your palette….

And black and white too
Because life is a bit so and a bit in color
Not everything but a lot depends
On the pencils and brushes
YOU hold in your hands.

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