Walking on the Road of Kathmandu

I can feel a silence in the crowd
smell of the mud
and whispering wings
I am seeing a hope in darkness
darkness in a hope
in millions of eyes
millions of dreams
again I can see the funeral of dreams
what an irony!!
Yes, this is “a road of Kathmandu”
I am walking on the road of Kathmandu
My dear!
I am feeling the cruelty of road
and walking on it.

I am walking silently
I can touch the soundless fear
Oh dear!! nature is crying against pollution
I can not feel the smell of fresh mud
Fresh bushes
Fresh water
I am drinking a wine every day
as a water
I am using a drug everytime
as a food
Oh dear! this is Kathmandu
The capital city of “this heaven”
Everything is expensive here
Except your emotion, feeling, body
your knowledge, your dream
and your existence.

I am nihilist
Lost in nililism
lost hope and courage
I am finding nihilism everywhere
Specially in peoples’ wisdom
My dear! my existence is teasing me
But I can not stop my foots
I am walking like a nomads
who has no dreams,no faith
no hope and no expectations from self.

Oh dear!!
I am staring this city
standing on the mountain of “Chovar”
and the Dharhara
Oh dear! did you notice
how “cursed by Sati” is also called as “heaven”?
Everywhere there is mystery
not only in this city but this country too
History, people and art are mysterious
You will lose yourself in this “black whole.”

Oh dear! I’m hungry
I have no time
But I can not stop my foots
I have to rebound my existence
I have to reconstruct me
I can not give up
Oh dear!
I’m walking on the road of Kathmandu
where I have to extend my footsteps
forever and forever!!

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