Don’t let the tears run down my cheek!


Ashok Silwal

Clear or cloudy,
Sunny or rainy,
Warm or cold,
Limpid or foggy…
The weather of my heart.
In this misty early morning,
I don’t know, I can’t explain…

When I would like to hear inside
A sweet harmonious melody,
Instead there are only drum rolls.

When I would like to see
Words and flowers on the page,
Instead it is all painted uniformly in gray.

When I would like colored pictures dancing with me,
Instead everything is still.

When I would like flying dreams in the clear sky ,
Instead the walls and the ceilings are cloudy and humid.

When I would like to walk barefoot
In the dew of freshly cut grass,
Instead they are heavy footsteps on the stony path.

When my lips do not smile in the light,
Instead they bend downwards in the darkness.

Don’t let the tears run down my cheek!
It is just a moment..
The weather is changeable:
Just a little unexpected breeze,
Or , instead, the absolute silence,
And, I know, in mountain especially,
Rainy becomes sunny,
Cloudy becomes clear,
Cold becomes warm,
Foggy becomes limpid
Thundery becomes calmness…..

Crests and troughs of the waves,
Weather, heart, life…..

Then, I start flying again,
Through the bright colorful wall
In the transparent heavens.
Enthusiastic and exciting emotions,
Invigorating, fortifying, nourishing,

I love this infinite love
That clears the clouds,
That dissolves the fog,
That melts the cold,
That dries the rain…
And inside I enjoy the rainbow
Of loving hugs in a sunny day
After a freezing rainy moment.

And the misty early morning
Becomes a warm hopeful evening
A starry trustful night.

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