FEAR: ‘Face Everything And Rise’


Dahlia Tera

Which image is more emblematic of fear
Then the famous canvas ‘The scream’
By the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch?

Big fears and small fears, steady or fleeting,
They are part of the human condition:
A way of making ourselves understood,
A way of storing experience,
A way of growing, of getting stronger.

Metaphysical fears, ancestral fears, daily life fears,
More or less profound,
More or less remediable,
More or less justified,
More or less imagined.

Fright, panic or dread,
Awe, terror or apprehension.

Fear, when I think about it,
It is the eyes of my little boy
Into the darkness,
In front of the flames in the crackling fire,
Looking at a big animal at the zoo,
Or hearings loud noise….
Then, he runs and seeks refuge
In my arms or legs,
For comfort and protection.

Because fear… in children and adults alike,
Is instinctive,
Arises from lack of experience;
The unknown is often scary.
To pass, it requires explanations, reassurances.
The hand that takes the hand,
The embrace of the father or the mother to the child.

Fear is not just bungee jumping into the void,
Hanging by the ankles…. Fear of a moment..

Fear is also …
When you know you can change only a few things:
Fear of disease,
Fear of suffering,
Fear of poverty,
Fear of feeling unable,
Fear of death …
And more than the thing itself, its consequences.

The heart beats faster,
The breathing is labored,
The muscles are tense…
You feel ‘paralyzed’;
In front of the Himalayan glaciers that melt,
In front of air pollution,
In front of the omnipotence of the Web,
In front of the spreading of an uncontrolled virus,
In front of atrocious war scenes,
In front of a shaky future…..

Certain ancestral phobias will always remain:
Fears of thunderstorm, spiders, blood, syringes….

But, our fears must not become
Insecurity and bewilderment,
Sadness and discouragement.
We must not act like ostriches
They stick their heads in the sand..

F.E.A.R.: one of the meanings is
Face Everything And Rise (Zig Ziglan)

YES… I’m trying!
With humility but tenacity,
Without closing my eyes
But confident in a future that I would like better…
No without fears,
But fed by the fears of yesterday and today;
Because …


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