Gosaikunda: First trek of my life

Prazakta Sedhain
Shree Souvenir Boarding School
Battar, Nuwakot

A few months ago, I went to Gosaikunda with my family and family friends.

We started this journey at Dhunche, first step to Gosaikunda is Ghatte khola and we finished this step on the first day. Then we stepped to the second step of Gosaikunda (Khendu) and on the first day, we stay there.

The next day we get up early and started our journey, this day we left from Khendu after breakfast and we went to Deurali, when we went to Deurali it was only 9:45 and we stepped to the fourth step (Dhimsa ) and we finished this step also, like this we finished two more steps (Chandanbari and Cholangpati) and we stayed at the seventh step (Lauribinayak) of Gosaikunda.

The next day, we got up early and without eating anything because it is a religious and historical place and it is believed that we wish something that will be true, I didn’t know that was true or not but we performed this ritual and we started our journey to Gosaikunda. And that day I could not finish my journey to Gosaikunda because I was feeling weak and had high altitude problems and I could not stand properly because the snow was falling continuously so my father, mother and other people went forward and in Gosaikunda they had so much fun and they returned to Lauribinayak where I was waiting for them.

I could not finish this trekking but I am happy because I went to the natural place and it was so much fun in other steps to Gosaikunda. This was the first trekking of my life and I like nature and adventurous places, so it was the best day of my life.

It was the day-by-day details of Gosaikunda trek and I did like to share what happened those days. When my parents asked me, ‘do you want to go Gosaikunda with us.’ I replied, ‘yes, of course, I will go.’

Then we started packing clothes. I was extremely happy when we started our journey. In the steps of Gosaikunda, I did so many fun activities just like, I ate rhododendron flowers of different colors and sizes. I am a cheese lover and by coincidence on the sixth step, there was a cheese factory and we visited the cheese factory. And in between the fifth step and sixth step there was a wooden house and the view by there was so beautiful, peaceful and adventurous.

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