Wrinkles are the open book of our emotions


Ashok Silwal

The first arrive around the age of twenty-five,
But the real change is around thirty-five, forty years;
They call them ‘signs’ of the time flowing
That is … ?
When, in the morning, you look in the mirror
And a little bit you don’t recognize yourself …
Wrinkles …

You have to deal with these signs
On the hands, neck, forehead, around the eyes
They call them ‘of expression’,
Because they are the visual result of ‘expressions’ precisely
That we repeat millions of times;
The virtual result of our aging.
Then we frown and feel sad,
Afraid, anxious, confused, a bit angry, thoughtful …
And …
You smile tenderly in the mirror,
You don’t have to hide,
You have to measure yourself:
The body is an essential element of our well-being;
The change is undeniable.
The key is to be able to accept yourself as you are.
Even Shakespeare said:
‘When forty winters will besiege your forehead
And, in the field of your beauty, they will dig deep trenches …
It has not to be a tragedy, the wrinkles !’

We are beautiful because full of defects
Not because omnipotent … but fragile,
Because we are afraid !
Wrinkles mean maturity, strength, autonomy,
Liberation of the superfluous, contentment, freedom.
Wrinkles are the signs of time that passes
Equally for women and men,
The signs of experience, of wisdom acquired over years.

They tell the life and the story of a person:
They tell about joys and pains,
About eyes full of tears and open mouths in laughter,
About worry eyebrows and calms closed eyelids,
They tell about wonder, courage, smile, cry and Love .
Look also at the farmer, at who lives in the mountains
With the faces marked by fatigue, in the sun and in the cold.
Wrinkles make their faces unique, fascinating.
They do not have to suggest compassion but respect:
They are part of life.

Do not rebel ! Do not resign yourself !
Look at them, admire them and learn from them.

Wrinkles are the open book of our emotions.
The most intimate beauty hides inside every furrow;
They are the photo album of our most important memories.

I want to have the courage to be loyal to the face I have made …
And, in the morning, the mirror will tell me
About precious moments
That I will listen gently and they will be my strength, my energy.


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