Dahlia Tera

He was sad the little dog
Sitting alone in the path.
He watched the people go by
And his eyes were wet.
Oh sure we caressed him
By the way….but we were leaving
And we never asked
To the little dog on the way….

The cause of his grief.

He was sad the little dog
Abandoned in this path
By unspeakable vacationers
Gone God knows to what country!

He was sad the little dog
So she walked over…
She took his head in her hands
And she consoled him.

They both talked for a long time:
He, with his eyes,
She, with her hands
Who caressed him.

She asked him
If he wanted to be her little dog.
He licked her hand.
He wagged his tail.

And they both,
By the main road,
She and her little dog.

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