You make me fall in love over and over again

Why do you bloom again?

Mira Gotame

You are so timid, so delicate
You wither and die out so easily
Leaving me in a deep melancholy
But why do you bloom again?
To make me more hopeful?

You are an epitome of hope
Exemplary is your beauty
Incomparable, sacred and eye catchy
Why do you spread fragrance?
To teach me a lesson?

You smile even when you are plucked out
You bless people even when they tear you apart
You don’t take revenge either
How can you tolerate?
To make me more patient?

You weep but never give up
You wait for the right time and the season
You are the synonym of ecstasy
But why are you so diligent?
To make me more focused?

People say not to touch you during cycles
But I did, I caressed even during those hours
And you still felt loved, you still blossomed
Why are you so intense?
To make me more passionate?

You taught me enough
To rise again after a downfall
To be hopeful even in the worst times
To be more patient even after a heartbreak
To be passionate and follow the dreams.

Marigold, Dahlia, Fuchsia, Daisy, Lily, Jasmine or Roses
Whatever your names are, whichever colors you possess
You are the only mentor to guide the world
The epitome of love, hope and patience
You make me fall in love over and over again.


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