Our Social Duties

Anupama Devkota

Many people fight for rights but hesitate to do their duty. Duty, they think, is a chain, that binds them and deprives them of their freedom. But that is wrong thinking. Rights and duties go in hand in hand. There can be no rights without duties. Society is like a colossal family wherein human beings live together. The society is quite complex and requires lots dedicated work to function smoothly. Unless we do our duties whole heartedly, there can be a chaos in it.

Most of us, claim our rights only. Children have right to maintenance and education from their parents. In return, they should obey their parents and look after them in their old age. We demand the facilities of education, medical treatment, transport, and protection from the government – it is our right. But at the same time we should pay taxes to the government – it is our duty. In the same way we can use the public parks, temples, wells, water taps but cannot disturb others from using them or destroy them.

It is our duty to serve the society and the country. It is also our duty to obey the law of the country and stand for truth and justice.

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