VROOM-BROOM, Not just joking

By Ashok Silwal

Two wheels that seem disproportionately small,
An aerodynamic line,
A rather aggressive muzzle
Which looks like the beak of a bird of prey,
Two oval black eyes mounted on antennas…
Some insects come out of prehistoric times ??
A strong white body
Surmounted by a sort of black band,
Two wings and a spiky nose,
Green, a bright green, electric green,
On the lower side a piece of large pipe…
Who have I described to you ??

It is a friend of mine!
It feeds on oil and petrol,
It gets dirty, it breaks sometimes,
And you must wash and care for it.

YES… it is my motorbike !!

It has been less with me in these months:
It had to remain stationary with just a few exceptions.

It starts moving again now:
In the sun and in the rain,
On the roads and on the muddy paths,
In the light of day and sometimes in the dark of night.
Waiting at traffic lights
In the crowded streets of Kathmandu,
Swinging on the stony paths of the countryside;
Trying to overtake the trucks on Pokhara road.

Wise and fearless,
Always finding the right way;
Apart from the day when it takes a hole,
Breaks a wheel axle and …
You have to walk five km and more, with it by hand !!
Unforgettable ‘walk’!!

Inseparable friend
Of meditative afternoon in the countryside,
Of business meetings and class teachings
On the other side of the city,
Of sudden rushes to the hospital
For some family problems,
Of outdoor picnic with relatives and friends
Of buying vegetables at the market,
Of prayers at the Temple,
Of accompaniments to the school bus stop …

Driving alone or loading people,
Family, friends, guests in tourist tour …
Companion of many moments of life
That would not have existed without it.

Thank you my motorbike!!
For the air on my cheeks,
For the sense of freedom,
For the many situations, we lived in,
For your smell and your colors,
For the unmistakable noise of your engine,
For your blessed saddle and handlebar…

We will still have many experiences to do together.


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