War is every day against our Earth

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE (United Nations) on 21st September

Dahlia Tera

The Japanese Peace Bell in New York City,
In the Garden of the UN headquarters
Will ring today: International Day of Peace,
A day of non-violence and cease-fire,
Symbol of wish for peace.

And at home, in your TV screen,
You see these innocent small children
Whose eyes full of tears
Whose faces stained with blood
Flee in fear from weapons and destructions.

You look with horror
At foiled palaces often on fire;
Mountains of rubble
What were homes or hospitals just before?

You hear the whizz of murderer missiles
Flying through the sky
Exploding on guiltless and harmless lives…

A day of peace?

Yes, for the awareness that diplomacy
Can do more than weapons.

War is not only in some countries,
War is every day against our Earth,
Against Nature..
That we disfigure, that we exploit
That we transform and destroy without criteria
Cutting down forests and cementing,
Diverting rivers, depleting the soils.
Pollution and desertification, ‘natural disasters,
Floods, torrential rains, landslides…

A day of peace?

Yes, for the awareness of recovering better
For an equitable and sustainable world.

War is also inside the human being,
Too often thirsty for money and power
And continuously running,
Or starving in a daily struggle
For food and water
Both are in need of harmony, serenity, PEACE.

A day of peace?

Yes, for the awareness of the importance
Of equality, tolerance, altruism.

May the white dove does not remain a symbol,
A dream or a utopia.
But a concrete hope.
And may this day helps to become aware
Of the things, even small, that actually can be done.

A peaceful day of Peace to all!
Because ‘we are all similar’,
All with an infinite need for PEACE of all kinds.

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