Happy Birthday to Me, Myself and I

A Remarkable Year To Come

Agrima Pradhan
Grade: 9, Swarnim School

Getting a year older is not so easy,
It’s not even simple as they see.
Crossing a year full of emotions,
My age is getting a promotion.

Gifts on this day used to be exciting then,
Cutting cake and blowing candles made me happy again.
As all the candles blew,
Not sure about the wishes to come true.

I am ecstatic to get matured,
With all the power that I’ve ensured.
I feel nervous yet a bit excited,
For all the big responsibilities I’ll have to face.

I went in deep thought,
Brainstormed all the lessons that life has taught.
Coming to the fact that time flies with fear,
Life is too short to be lived counting the years.

Promising to celebrate every single moment,
Singing my heart out with all the musical instruments.
In the biggest occasion of my life,
I wish a very ‘Happy Birthday to Me, Myself and I’!

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