Each child has a capability of its own


Ronika Dhungana
Grade 7, Blue, Matribhumi school

Children’s day comes once a year
And it is the day that no child fears
People should value the drop of every child’s tears
So that this precious child sheds no more cuz of fears

Each child has a capability of its own
So respect them all as unique as they are
And make sure no one is alone
Some might be good at arts and some might be at writing poem
And some might be at studies some might have great vocals while some and dance like Shakira too

Lets not leave any child in agony, insecurity and uncertainty
And be the light of its life
So that it can be something great in the future
With a talent in them that almost died

To each their own
Everyone is one of a kind
So no comparing is needed
Cuz it makes a child feel either worthless or divine

As a child
Studying has now become wild
It’s been 10- 11 years of studying
Ugh it’s been a while

It’s every child’s right to speak and to be heard
So let’s not shut any child up
So, let’s focus on what we’re good at and try to improve what’s bad
Children are the future of the world
So let’s be one and shine as bright as the gold we are.

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