War is his design

Premal Kumar Khanal

In the movement of shivered warfighting
some soldiers
reaching in the enemy’s camp
ceasing fire
keeping proposal of joint work
of the Human race
But he,
what has been accepted?
War is his design
achievement of whole people
And damaging rules procedure
Ruling autocratically
taking a plan of grave war
Moving forward
Therefore, he doesn’t want a ceasefire
He, still forwarding war
wants to rule one empire,

So come back, soldiers
To damage each plan & conspiracies race of the enemies.
From war & conflict.
To save the human race From war & conflict.
To save the achievements of the human race.
To save human beings from being alive.
To make the system of running society from rules & procedure
construct consolidate thought and organization
To get the final victory
so return back
oh, Soldiers!
To win the war.

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