Everest: 8848 & 8848.86 but …

Dahlia Tera

The news went around the world today!

Mt. Everest, the highest mountain on earth, is now taller than ever before.
According to new surveys by Nepal and China, the tallest peak of the mountain is now 86 cms more than the previous measurements .
Sagarmatha peak is now 8848,86 meters.
The two countries that share a border on Mt. Everest announced this new official measurement last days.
Let’s try to think, just for a smile, what represents 86cms…. not even 1 meter, in our daily life …..
So, for example:
-a two year old child
-more or less an adult from the waist down
-6 cellphones in a row on a table
-tow pillows side by side
-3 shoes one behind the other
-a not very tall plant on the terrace
-some flowers garland for celebrations …

So … for the highest peak in the world, it does not change much, it is like a crumb. Mt. Everest is and will be always the one ‘whose forehead touches the sky.’
SAGARMATHA, our ‘Goddess of the sky’ & ‘the Mother of the Universe.’

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