Enjoy your life now because you might not have it the following second

What is life ?

Smarika Pandey

Life is nothing but a mystery. Life is full of uncertainties no one can ever imagine what will happen in the following second. You’re there for a second and you might not be there the other second.

What is a body ? It is nothing but just a medium to be on earth for a certain time. Nothing is greater but time. Time cannot be explained in words and neither can be rewinded or stopped. It’s all about time we are really nothing.

We humans are just some creatures structured with various functions to be performed. Our delicate body that is even hurt by a single pin is what we need to protect throughout our life as if it’s gone we’re gone too. Once our soul is out of the body you’re no more. You are just in memories whether good or bad, in photos, videos and only left with the words you’ve said, time you’ve spent, things you’ve done and all your activities since your birth. I guess it’s true that people say you’re born with your dates of going back. You can never be saved from the things you’ve brought with you. If it’s your time to go you go, if it’s your time to come, you come, if it’s your time to be injured you do get injured.

Nothing can be stopped or changed. Sometimes the things can only be predicted and most of the times that is also not possible. Life gives us twists and turns with various of bumpy rides in the journey from birth to death. We go to the place we came from. We’re sent for a task and if the task’s done our mission on earth is done we’re sent back to where we belong.

Of course we are humans and we have feelings we make friends, family and many more relations and when we go we don’t realize the lives behind us. We get attached to people and once they’re gone their memories hit hard. It’s true that we’re here for once and then we’re gone we got no time for being sad about the past and worried about the future but we can’t resist ourselves from doing so.

We have to face various of conditions in life. Some happy, some sad, some mysterious, some surprising, some shocking and respectively many more. We are set to be a part of something before we ever were born. We always should be ready to face anything anytime because sometimes something we don’t expect to happen happens and we shall be ready to face it.

Enjoy your life now because you might not have it the following second. Have a taste of all the feelings and make a strong and nice bond with everyone before you realize it’s too late.

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