My Shoes, His Shoes

By Ashok Silwal … as a dad.

I would like to be able
To make you
Walking, easy going, on our mountains’ paths,
Stepping on the green grass of the countryside,
Bathing in the little canals of the paddies,
Running and laughing, chasing butterflies,
Cavorting and jumping for joy like a buckskin;

I would like to be able
To show you
The shining of the stars,
The transparency of the wind,
The shapes of the clouds,
The sun and the moon rising and falling,
The Beauty of the Nature;

I would like to be able
To teach you
Respecting the wisdom of the elders,
Smiling even to those you don’t know,
Giving kindness to those who do not expect it,
Listening before judging,
Helping the others when you feel they need;

I would like to be able
To convey to you
Curiosity and enthusiasm for culture,
in reading and writing,
Veneration and docility for our Gods and Goddesses,
Admiration for Art: sculpture, painting, music and dance,
Love and interest for customs and traditions,
Openness and eagerness for the future;

I would like to be able
To shout around and murmur in your ear:
Be yourself anyway
In sincerity and simplicity,
Know how to be serious and responsible
But also to play;
Taking life lightly but never superficially,
On the way of HAPPINESS,
Inside your little shoes becoming big.


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