Hey girls! what are you going to wear in Dashain?

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What came to your mind when we are talking about the Nepalese biggest festival Dashain?

Khasiko Masu (Motton)
-New Clothes
-Mamaghar (mother’s maternal home)
-Dakshina(money we get in the form of blessings)
-Traditional swing

Yes, everyone thinks like this because we are seeing this trend from our childhood everyone is willing to pay more for mutton, want to wear new clothes the brand doesn’t matter from upper class to lower class from palace to village everyone wants to spend the best they can.

All of us are starting to planning our dress for Dashain ahead of Teej festival. Some of us buy the readymade, some use boutique design, and some of us buy the fabric we like and sew in the tailor.

But we feel quite confused about what to wear, some prefer a salwar suit, some prefer a saree, and some want to wear traditional wear with the modern touch. Here I am going to share some of the options with you.

Monochromatic Salwar Suit

Monochromatic color gives you a classy feeling. You can use peach, light blue, light green, and many more but Dashain has the brightest color itself you can choose the shades of red as a red color give you a prosperous and religious feeling. You can match the suit with palazzo and printed shawl. A little bit of gold gives you a different look in monochrome.

Simple Flare Tops with Fitted Trousers

This is for the simple-looking lover who wants to look traditional but wants to be comfortable without a shawl. Many of us don’t like to hold shawl so this is for your choice. A simple flare printed knee-length tops with stretchable trousers will be your best option.


Chaubandi Style Suit with Garara

This is for those who want to look more traditional as well as followers of fashion trends. Simple side wrapping like chaubandi design gives you a more traditional look where garara is currently in fashion trend you can blend them together to give yourself a try. A bright and vibrant color like yellow and red give you more feeling of the festival.

A Long Sleeveless Gown with Stretchable Jeans

This will be one of the unique choices for you if you want a modern dress with some traditional vibes. A long sleeveless dress with a golden border gives you a bright and festive look where stretchable blue jeans can give you the comfort of casual wear. This dress you can wear in the future in any place like casual to party gatherings.

Three piece Set

This is modern wear with a crop top with wide pants and a shining outer. This is most suitable for the teenager who wants to choose a modern casual dress for the festival. Bright color tops and pants with bright and shiny outer you will surely look stunning on this Dashain.

Two Colored Saree

This is the traditional wear of ladies mostly married women wear this on Dashain. But you can give yourself a different look by choosing a two-colored bright color saree which you can buy readymade or can order in your preferred color.

Fix Ruffle Saree

Ruffle is in the fashion trend now. You can see ruffles in every dress. This is a fixed saree with ruffles and sleeveless blouse and a matching belt with blouse. this can be your choice if you like to wear a saree but don’t know how to wear it. this will give you an elegant appearance.

Two-color Salwar Suit

This is the simple yet beautiful design you can use two-color to make tops and flare for a suit, same color salwar and shawl as the top of the suit it will give you a little contrast look. You can make pants style salwar with added bottom design this will look definitely good on you.

Skirt and Blouse

This is an elegant fashionable easy to wear and comfortable dress. A bright color blouse with a pair of lone contrast color skirts and shawl will make you more gorgeous on this Dashan.

These are just some options for festival wear but there are many more designs you can wear like sarara with Kurti, tulip salwar suit, dhoti salwar suit, tops and pants, and many more. Now I hope that you guys have a little bit of idea what you want to wear in this Dashain. I wish everyone a prosperous and very Happy Dashain.

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