Freefire: My Favorite Game

Yugeen Bogati
Grade 6, United School, Imadol, Lalitpur

‘Why do you always get busy with the gadgets?’, This is the complaint I often hear from my parents. According to them, I am just wasting my time playing Free fire. They think that there are only negative effects of online games.

How would I spend my time without my friends if there were no online games? School is closed for more than a year. We couldn’t meet our friends. We were confined in our rooms. I don’t have siblings either. In such a time, the only way I got entertainment was through online games. Exactly the way online classes helped to get knowledge.

I believe that there are many positive things about playing Freefire. It has made me able to react quickly. While playing the game, we have to be highly alert. Since it is an online game where strong coordination is required among the teammates. Without it, Freefire can’t be played.

Now I have learned how to coordinate well. I am sure it will help me in real life too. I also understand my friends and their strategies. The virtual bonding with friends has become strong enough.

It is a very interesting game to play. However, we also become wild while playing. So, I have come to know about the positive and negative things about it. Now I can differentiate between good and bad companies. I have also learnt the languages other than Nepali. I can also go on live stream in three languages.

I accept the fact that sometimes I go beyond the time limitation. This is the reason behind my parents’ anger. I promise them that I will try to manage my time. If my studies and the online gaming time will be balanced then there is no harm. I hope my parents will understand this fact.

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