A letter from a disappointed daughter to her father


Simrika Basnet
Grade 10, St. Xavier School, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur

Congratulations, it’s a baby girl!
The day an innocent soul descended to earth
Raised, free from all ruction of the world
Brainwashed to believe it’s a free world
But little did she know, the misfortune that a girl is destined for…
Like an angel from heaven she looked
Mature and clever she stood
The ambitious nature and optimism was captivating
But little did she know, she was destined for something devastating
Everything was going fine,
Until one day, when her father found a boy,
All that she knew about marriage was, dinner dates and soulmates
But little did she know, that her problems would now accelerate…
Now that she was getting bonded in a relationship as a wife
The sacred fire at her wedding was supposed to prosper her marital life
She was blissfully happy when she heard people say, one of the heavens made matches
But little did she know that the fire was burning all her dreams slowly and steadily into ashes
And now that she got married,
She stepped out to the world
She opened her eyes to see the truth about being a girl
Little did she know that her in-laws wouldn’t accept her the way she was
Taking care of them kept her free in no hours
She was married to a man, she’d never met before
No sooner did she give birth to a girl and nevermore
Her husband cared less, and the responsibility was bestowed all upon her
Burdened and pressured, she had to sacrifice her job
She was locked in the four walls
She kept thinking about her downfall
The window said-see the world
The clock said time is precious
But all she could ever do was,
Sit there in a suffocating atmosphere, with her daughter bright and fair
Little did she know ,that she would ever lie to her parents ‘everything is fine’
Who knew the darker side of the beautiful lie
She was financially dependent upon her husband after her loss of job
Her life was falling apart, as if it were some sort of plot
But when it came to self care, her husband didn’t even give a cense
She was made to believe the truths ,such that it still benefitted the man on her expense
As years piled on her body in the form of pounds, cellulite and wrinkles
She started being insecure and her man wasn’t happy about how she appeared
Untold stories of defeat at hands of weighing scale
Looking at the mirror made her feel worthless and pale
Now that her daughter was growing into a mature girl
She finally had someone she could rely on
She found someone she could share her despise and cries
Until one day, when it was time for her daughter to face the real world
The mother didn’t want her child to leave
The child for whom she had faced everything, her only stream of hope and support
But in tears, she had to bid farewell to the only person with whom she had a good rapport
Little did she know, nothing is permanent and she would have to let go the person with whom she had her best moments…

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