Ashok Silwal

Business owners, they will think…
Putting together things written by others,
Picking up ideas and subjects here and there,
Pasting eloquent images,
Waiting for a sensational news
To put, before the others, on the front/home page..?

NOOOO! It is not how he feels his ‘new’ work.
It is a matter of culture and sensitivity,
Of interest and participation:
A noble and enriching job at the service of the others,
With much curiosity, much humility, much honesty;
Especially in this troubled period.

Who is he exactly?
A graphic technician or an intellectual,
An IT specialist or a vehicle of ideas and feelings,
In an empathic exchange with his readers …?

Internet and ‘online’ works have changed
Many features and sides …
Each with its own dimensions and ambitions;
But he knows that the verbs of his faceted job
Its multiple actions,
Whether you are small or you are big
Are the same, at the desk and on the screen,
In his mind and in his heart, EDITING is:
Interesting… to be limited to ten!
Doubts and certainties,
Trying to merge intelligence and sensitivity.

The reader will find the result
Of a choice that he will have wanted
Accurate and motivated
In an enjoyable and comprehensible reading.

He knows, the editor, his responsibility,
He knows he can help changing things;
That is why, before publishing, he has to listen
With tolerance and interest,
With balance and with passion,
With wisdom and enthusiasm.

Often his face does not appear and instead he likes it.
So sometimes he does not draw just silently threads.
He speaks with his readers in poetry and interviews.
He likes the multitude of possible arguments
He loves people telling their stories,
Happy to listen and learn.
Especially in these days,
When people need to speak, to write, to express.
Then he leaves room for them.

He knows that being himself is
The most beautiful achievement,
Getting to this is the greatest freedom.
In this way, he wants to help the others
Individually and collectively …

Editing as a kind of compassion.
As an exchange of knowledge, of points of view,
Of ideas , of feelings, of experiences …
In many different ways of expressing,
Long, short, detailed, concise, articles, poetry,
Interviews, pictures, drawings….
From young people and elderlies..

A lot of effort, a lot of gratification,
An all-absorbing work for an enthusiastic editor
Discovering this unexpected possibilities
In Corona pandemic time.

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