Our goal is to keep feeding plus being evil in this rough time can never be a good Karma

The relation of the lovely creatures and the BDT family during Covid 19 lockdown’

Bijeta Shrestha

Namaste ! we are Buddha Thanka Treasure (BDT).

Ever since the Covid 19 burst out in Nepal and was in lockdown, the people were unable to walk around places like they used to and we thought about all the dogs, monkeys and birds that’d be starving. Dogs are always happy to see us weather be in a normal day or during lockdown. We think our family is connected to them. So we started feeding them since March 26th, 2020. We also paused for a few months because the things were going back to normal and then there came the second wave out of the blues and we started to feed the dogs, monkeys and birds again from April 29th 2021, which is not too much for us.

The preparation starts from a night before the feeding day, starting off with raw rice, cutting meat and adding the mixture of spices for a better flavor and soaking chickpeas for monkeys. Our morning routine starts with waking up at 4AM and start cooking which takes one hour thirty minutes to two hours. It will be left to cool down after it is nicely cooked for about an hour then we start to fill the buckets. And for the birds we take half a bucket of raw rice. We load all the foods in our car and we proceed to feed the dogs.

It is amazing that we can pour in some good karma while the world was in trouble and in Nepal it has started to get worse. We are still carrying it on and No, nope we are not doing this for money just to have it clear and we have kindly refused donations because we always believe in sharing like we always have just like Mr. Rajesh Pd Shrestha, the founder of the BTT always says. So we being a family, we would like to continue this without any help because there’s no trouble yet. If anybody likes to help please look down the window, door or anywhere where the help is required, for it could be human, animals or any living creatures.

We would like to set our ‘daily morning feeding the lovely creatures’ which is now a new normal for us, as an example or a booster to remind everyone around us and who’s been supportive of us, Nepalese are facing a lot of troubles and we are in this together. We can move past this tough time when we work together but not by overcrowding or even socializing face to face. But we can simply start by staying at home unless there is a really important thing to do by following the preventive protocols of Corona while outdoors. If you could feed just one dog outside your house please do not step back. Being careful and marching forward with precautions is all we can do.

Therefore we hope that Nepal heals sooner for now and we will keep feeding those lovely creatures unless the things get back to normal and most of all we strongly hope that no one gives out the wrong information about how starved the dogs, monkeys and the birds are at swoyambhu area for their own benefits because that is the area where we have been feeding and our goal is to keep feeding plus being evil in this rough time can never be a good karma.


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