Only saying, ‘Budha was born in Nepal’ is not enough.

Kumar Rupakheti

Only saying, ‘Budha was born in Nepal’ is not enough. Our responsibility is an adaptation of Buddha’s teachings in our lives and teaches our children the philosophy.

My 12 years old son asked me,’ is Buddhism a philosophy or a religion? ‘And why we don’t say ‘Oh Buddha!’ when someone gets in trouble. In a very brief statement, Buddhism developed from the teachings of the Buddha, an enlightened being who has awakened from ignorance and has already achieved freedom from suffering. His teachings state that in order to eliminate suffering, one must understand the true nature of the world. He urged his followers to focus instead of the Four Noble Truths by which they can free themselves from suffering.

Buddha’s teachings passed into the hands of his followers thousands years ago. Today, people around the world are confused about Buddhism being a religion or just a philosophy that describes the way of living. In fact, Buddhism is been characterized as one of the ‘religions without God’. The debate of whether it is a religion or a philosophy has been going on over this long period of time. The dictionary definition of religion from Oxford’s Languages is ‘the belief in the worship of superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. So at its core Buddhism is a non-theistic religion and, unlike other world religions, Buddhism is not a doctrine of revelation.

The Buddha did not claim to be the bearer of a message from on high. He made it clear that what he taught he had discovered for himself through his own efforts.

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  1. बुध्दं शरणम् गच्छामी , धम्मम् शरणम् गच्छामी, सङ्घम् शरणम् गच्छामी ।।।

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