My heart always remembering, trusting, and hoping, all the victims of 'our' awful earthquake (April 25, 2015).

Six years later

Ashok Silwal

In less than a second ….
No thinkable word,
Nothing plausible.
I did not understand
Anything anymore.

A swirl enfolding my body,
Chasm in my heart,
Just my soul is present
In a kind of enlightenment.

Talking with myself only,
Into the trepidation fears
To get lost in the chaos,
For finding myself
In the circle of life.

Yes, Nature speaks
And that while made me feeling
That I was ready
Both for life or for death.

In an indelebile way,
I was oblivious to everything,
I was forgetting everyone:
Myself was collapsed and elsewhere.
I did not hear, I did not see,
I did not think, I did not feel,
I did not exist…
I was no longer material.

Was I in an old English movie?
Was it a nightmare or a dream?

Few seconds of ‘illumination’
By a supernatural eery situation,
Before becoming aware
Of the devastating disaster:
Destructions, suffering injured,
Thousands of deaths,
Helpless and hopeless people …

And this spark of Infinity inside me:
Loving life,
Loving death,
Feeling just fear of love,
Feeling just fear of hate,
Bringing me back to Nature
In the certainty of finding ,
In its godly and blissful arms,
Peace, strength, joy, reason, sense…
Inside happiness,
To struggle and start over
As a compassionate part
Of the natural process of life.

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