Ashok Silwal

An explosion of colors,
A gift of Life,
A present of Nature.

Smiles on the faces,
Laughs in the mouths,
Brightness in the eyes,
Screams of joy in the ears.

Moments of lightheartedness,
Back to the vitality of childhood,
Forgetfulness in cheerfulness.

Somewhat ephemeral,
Something fancied,
Somewhere illusory,

The happiness of the moment,
That nourishes that one
Inside the heart:
In blue as infinity,
In green as hope,
In yellow as light,
In red as passion,
In white as transparency,
In all the shades of the Life
Pink, violet, grey, orange, black….

Let yourself be dressed
In HOLI colors today
Enjoy and laugh
With the gift of the Life
With the presence of Nature.

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