Smile to all women!

Agostino Degas

Good morning and happy 8 March to all women, who think more about solutions than problems. That is why they love, educate, work, suffer, smile. They do everything with passion, generosity, firmness and sincerity. And they never lose their dignity and smile, women.

Good morning to the women who walk uphill roads, full of curves and hairpin bends. Only they know how to walk them, with their hearts in their throats and with a smile in their hearts. Good morning to those fragile but strong at the same time. Surrender in small things, as well as determined in the things that matter.

Good morning to women who smile when they want to cry, sing when they want to scream and laugh when they are sad. They rebel against injustices and fight for the ideas they believe in. Because they are women.

Hello everyone, but everyone, none excluded with a smile.

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