by Dahlia Tera

Waiting is never empty, it is not just waiting.

WAITING is evaluating situations,
WAITING is weighing the pros and cons,
WAITING is knowing more deeply things and persons,
WAITING is not stopping at appearance,
WAITING is taking time for yourself,
WAITING is sitting on a bench, simply,
WAITING is getting a safer result,
WAITING is taking time to laugh,
WAITING is meditating, is reflecting,
WAITING is drinking a tea or a beer with a friend,
WAITING is appreciating the little things,
WAITING is learning to control yourself,
WAITING is dreaming and thinking about projects,
WAITING is looking at a flying butterfly,
WAITING is listening to the others,
WAITING is whistling under a tree with a little bird,
WAITING is enjoying the landscape from the rooftop,
WAITING is giving generously,
WAITING is reading a book, watching a movie,
WAITING is hoping and trusting,
WAITING is trying and failing,
WAITING is not giving up but getting up,

WAITING is in life, tears and smiles…
Because WAITING is the sun rising
When you see only colored stripes
And then the shining ball explodes in the sky.

Waiting is never empty, it is not just waiting
It is living and learning.

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