Looking at the sky, contemplative,
Almost always makes me serene,
May be happy.

Lying in the grass, with upturned eyes,
I talk with the clouds
I tell them my joys and my pains,
My hopes and my disappointments,
My certainties and my doubts.
Pieces of life.

White and light, they run inside me;
We swim together in the immensity
Of the blue.
We dance in the airs,
Forgetting the wait and the lack.
They turn into flowers, elephants or shoes,
Sheep or frayed,
Infusing smiles inside me
As meaningful words reaching my heart.

Gray and black, like molten metal,
They are heavy, dense and immobile,
They darken waiting for the storm
In the screaming wind.
We talk of anger, of fears,
Distress and worries,
Life is tears too.

Then I get up from the grass
And speechless,
I go now looking at them
In red, orange, yellow and violet,
Filaments and strips
Of the ineffable sunsets and sunrises
Because clouds are flowers of the Infinity
And life is smiles too.

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