Tears: Last gift of love

Pratikshya Sedhain

An unexplained mystery, mysterious in itself
‘Happiness, anger and sadness’, filed in a shelf
Feelings mixed up together in ones heart
LOVE is that ocean in the whole earth
Life driven by emotions and loving care
Might be from parents, relatives or peer

Sweetness of love is tasted by all
In any way, the heart can’t be null
‘Love Is In The Air’, the quote we hear
Love reaches it’s depth when we are near
Binding the heart, reaching the thought
Smile is on the face but pain is also brought

Love of a mother, we say, immeasurable
Love of a father, we say, indistinguishable
Love brings tears, although it is good
Care of parents is irrespective of their mood

When we are sick, our mommy feels pain
Her eyes would be wet, time and again

When we succeed, our parents get a smile
Happiness bursts through eyes after a while
Tear Is A Part But Not Apart
Blossom the feelings filled in heart

Scolding of mom and worrying of dad
They love their children, no matter what
When I am alone, I think of my mom
Teaching me to live with values and norms
Struggle of my parents strikes my heart
My adapting ability, is the way they brought

Priceless Love And Intensive Care
To live without them, I can’t dare
Heaven is here, in my mamma’s lap
Dad is always with me to fill the gap

I love you my mom, I love you my dad
Because of you, now, this life I had
I can’t imagine my life without you
Where will I go? ? I don’t have any view

Now, the pain I feel, I can’t bear
Please, my parents, always stay near
Pain in my heart is overflowing through eyes
Tears, last gift of love after every goodbyes…

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