Take the life more lightly


Dahlia Tera

For a long time,
The example of the glass half-full and half-empty
Has been used to distinguish
Optimistic people from pessimistic ones.

If you see the glass half-empty,
It’s because you tend to focus
On the negative things in life;
You wear a pair of gray glasses
To see the world.
For the glass half-full,
You must learn to recognize and thank
For what you have.
This awareness helps you to be more positive.
The optimist sees things
Better than they are.
For him, the glass is
Half- full of water and half-full of air
Not half-empty!

The general tendency of people
Is to focus more on the positive sides
Than on the negative ones.
In fact, it is better to concentrate
On the part of the glass containing water
Than despair of half the glass being empty.
And, after all, what is measured in a container
It is what it contains,
Not what it does not contain!

We often find ourselves caught between the two:
Leaning towards optimism
Seeing things as half-full glass;
Then there are periods in which
We see it half-empty.

And it is not only
OPTIMISTS (half-full) and PESSIMISTS ( half-empty)
Who do not see the glass half-full
But ‘not totally full’ !

Because the same reality changes
Based on temperament, character, age,
Education, environment, family, historical period …
The same event, situation, message, object…
Can be interpreted in multiple ways.

So, let’s try to look at the glass
Not as half-full or half-empty,
But full … halfway!
And above all, sometimes,
Take the life more lightly,
Do not think too much but smile….

And so, let’s make room
For a bit of irony, for a few smiles..
With some reflections not so stupid after all!!
-better a glass half-full or even half-empty than no glass at all ..!
-while I was thinking about the meaning
of seeing the glass half- full or half-empty, they stol my glass !
-who drank half of my glass?
-what liquid is in the glass?
-I think my glass is a little broken and leaking!
… ah ah !

Irony, sometimes, helps to reflect!
Half-full or half-empty,
The amount of liquid is the same !

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