Ashok Silwal

… and while walking in the morning dawn
I was intend to reach the Temple
To participate in the offices
Attempting a beneficial meditation
In the starting day
A little ladybug ‘landed’ on my hand !
I was so surprised
In this noisy confusion of traffic:
Engines, klaxons, dust …

I stopped in a small corner
To observe it: fragility par excellence!
Smaller than a fingernail,
Little legs like thin threads,
While life roared before my eyes and ears.

My meditation began there:
This little insect inspired me
With tenderness, compassion, desire for protection,
It stimulated my kindness,
It drew a smile on my face.
We “know” that nothing is truly random,
Then I imagined it was a kind of messenger
Of fragility, of beauty, of courage, of freedom.
It was a kind of metaphor,
For a reminder, a call of curiosity,
A ‘lesson’ of sweetness and determination .

It was saying: Pay attention to the little things!
A flower on your way,
A little cloud floating in the sky,
A sound around,
A special color of a dress,
A new haircut,
A smile on a stranger’s face,
A song coming from a shop,
A smell in the home,
A rustle of a pigeon’s wing,
A child laughing in his mother’s arms,
A message alert on my mobile phone,
A cup of tea with a friend,
Endless list of little things,
Like a ladybug on the hand!

Impalpable happiness of the little things
Next to you while you search far away,
That you must be able to grasp,
Because pieces of humility and hope
In the puzzle of the life.

Pieces maybe found by chance
But which fit together perfectly,
Unexpected in the planned,
Eccentric in normality,
Exceptional in everyday life.

Small things but big in the heart
Fulfilled by their disarming unobserved simplicity
Thank you little ladybug
Making me think and enlightening me a little more.

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