Dahlia Tera

Here are two attitudes, two behaviors,
Two skills, two values, two capabilities
That allow us to react
To situations or feelings of disappointment,
Of defeat, of failure;
Then, like a shipwrecked person,
We cling to the life buoy,
Of HOPE for a better future,
Of ACCEPTANCE of what we suffer.

In our collective culture,
In our daily mentalities,
HOPE is tinged with thousand bright colors,
HOPE is positive and dynamic,
It opens the door to new opportunities.
HOPE is dreams, it stimulates our walk.
It shines, illuminating the road
And making us smile, helping us to create.
ACCEPTANCE, in this same collective culture,
Often is remission, giving up the ‘fight’.
ACCEPTANCE is grey, it has no perspective.
To accept means to submit
To forces and facts that do not belong to us.

Often, too often, we associate
HOPE with a smile, with trust, with optimism,
ACCEPTANCE with tears, with sorrow, with pessimism

But …
If it were the other way around …?

HOPE is sometimes deceiving,
Its glittering colors are nor real
And we know that: ‘All that glitters is not gold’ …
It helps us to fly but we can also fall.

ACCEPTANCE relies on reality, on the tangible;
ACCEPTANCE is knowing how to be satisfied
How to enjoy the things we have,
To know how to appreciate simple things.
It means humility, awareness of our limits,
Finding serenity not in renunciation
But in respect and modesty.

There is no first or second,
Both are needed:
One compensating and completing the other.
Both for a better approach to life,
For a deeper understanding of
Of this complicated and sometimes contradictory mystery
Of this amalgam of sorrows and joys
That is LIFE !

(नमस्कार ! नेपालनाम्चा तपाईंको मिडिया साथी हो । र, nepalnamcha@gmail.com मा परिचय, फोटोसहित मनका अनेक कुरा, सबै कुरा पठाउनुहोला ।)

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