Dhalia TERA

Thank you!
Two little words
To express gratefulness,
Appreciation and recognition,
Without selfishness,
Without judgement,
Without envy.

And in some languages,
Even one word is enough: DHANYABAD!
Merci, Grazie, Danke, Obrigado, Gracias …
And it can be added in intensity,
Much, infinitely, immensely,
With all my heart…..

It is almost the first word we say
And it is one of the most beautiful,
To parents, family members, children,
Partners, people we love,
Just met and long-standing ones.

Thank you! is not just
Synonymous of education;
Thanks creates a bond
Between those who say it
And those who receive it.
It is modesty, kindness, good mood,
Friendliness and sense of harmony,
Regardless of the person
Whether he is a driver,
A brother, a doctor, a waiter…
Of course, ‘thank you’ can be
More or less sincere or formal,
More from the mind
Or more from the heart.
There are nuances
In the voice and gestures;
There are light thanks
And thanks full of feelings …..

In Ancient culture GRATUS
Indicated being happy, feeling good,
Because of willingness to reciprocate
Praise to those who
Have made thanks possible,
With a word, a service, a gift, a help,
A special thing unique and incomparable
As a very normal simple thing.

Thanks has no geographical limits.
As love, it recognizes the value of the other.
And it is not just a word but….
A smile, a glance, a flower, a gesture….

So THANK YOU for helping me carry the wood,
THANK YOU for selling me milk this morning,
THANK YOU for cleaning the house every day…..
THANK YOU bringing sunshine in my life,
THANK YOU for the emotions aroused in my heart,
THANK YOU for the new meaning
You gave to the flowers…

Said and unsaid THANKS
But always grateful, kind, sincere , loving…


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