Winter Night at Salleri

Ushak Karki

Under the starry sky in Salleri hill
The moon ascended up high and still,
Casting its glow, illuminating the valley and hill so bright,
Peacocks unfurled their plumes, prepared for their flight.

A gentle breeze led the pines in a dance,
The brook gurgled, bathed in the moon’s soft trance,
Nocturnal birds hooted throughout the night on the hill,
As dwellers slumbered to the melody, a tranquil thrill.

Pine trees stood dressed in gowns of snow,
Tapped water turned to ice, in this frozen show,
As snow blanketed the ridge with icy surge,
Winter’s play echoed through the valley with a poetic dirge.

Under the starry sky in Salleri hill,
The moon ascended up high and still,
Rustic folks lit a bonfire to ward off the cold,
While their livestock chewed on dry grass, remained resilient and bold.

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