St. Lawrence School dominates Inter-School STEM Challenge with Innovative Python-powered Intruder Alarm

August 10, 2023

Students from St. Lawrence School secured the top position in the competitive Inter-School STEM Challenge organized by Himalayan White House School in Kathmandu. Curated by STEM expert Dr. Marian Prince (U.S.A.), the event spotlighted innovative education and required participants to craft an Intruder Alarm using Python.

St. Lawrence’s winning team, Saksham Rai and Eric Upreti, demonstrated advanced programming skills by creating an effective Intruder Alarm employing cutting-edge Python techniques for unauthorized access detection and security activation. The challenge emphasized technical excellence, teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity within a realistic project development timeframe.

Himalayan White House School’s President, Mr. Yubaraj Sharma, commended the students for their dedication and practical application of theoretical knowledge. Principal Purushottam Maharjan of St. Lawrence School praised the achievement as a testament to brilliance, relentless pursuit of knowledge, and commitment to innovation. Mentor Ms. Kabita Dhakal applauded the students’ enthusiasm, boundary-pushing attitude, and problem-solving acumen. The winning Intruder Alarm demonstrated proficiency in sensor integration, data analysis, and real-time alerts, showcasing the team’s coding and practical abilities. The Inter-School STEM Challenge not only showcased technical skills but also highlighted the importance of STEM education in addressing contemporary challenges. St. Lawrence School’s triumph underscored its dedication to nurturing young minds for the future. Through their exceptional performance, the students have set a standard for innovation and technical excellence, earning recognition from the school’s principal and the entire community.

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