Story of my hair & head



There are a thousand ways
To describe hair:
Simply short or long,
Or curly and straight,
Shiny and opaque,
Dense or sparse,
Thick or thin….
Free and rebellious in the wind,
Disciplined and combed with the uniform,
Or bald, no hair….

Hair is, above all for women,
An object of care, of sensuality;
It is an important element of seduction.
You can give it a special move
With your head;
It is sensual sweetness in passing your hands inside;
It smells…

Until a few years ago,
Hair did not “speak” so much for men.
The haircutter refreshed the length,
No frills!

And so it is still for me, more or less;
I like to have neat hair,
Sometimes using just a very light oil,
But normally I don’t use the comb!
I prefer a fairly traditional cut;
But I know that the fashion
Now proposes hair very short or shaved
On the side!
And strange “constructions” overhead!
I usually leave it to my haircutter.

I like hairing advices from my wife or daughter;
I laugh when some friend of mine tells me:
“Oh Ashok! Today you look like a footballer to me !”
I enjoy watching young guys
With weird cuts or astonishing colors
To post on TIKTOK maybe..
“It is better to be absolutely ridiculous
Than absolutely boring” (Marilyn Monroe)
Sometimes, no aligning too much
Is more positive, creative.
A little craziness off the beaten track does’t hurt!

Haircuts accompany us in important moments
Of our social, emotional and spiritual life..
Shaved head in mourning are so meaningful.
The hair, then, changes quickly.. until it falls out!

For some more, for some less,
The “monthly” appointment with the barber-haircutter
Is a pleasant routine from which
You come out feeling lighter!
Mine, then, is very special..
I have been going to him for twenty years;
Also before life inflicted severe suffering on him,
Before life, with a very bad domestic accident,
Took away his smile……
And for this, I still love going there
For a technical and friendly meeting.

He was good, he fought with courage and determination,
He was not afraid to face others,
And so… he took back
His scissors, combs, razors and clippers,
In addition to his various lotions,
Both craftsman and artist,
He started cutting hair again.
Without having to tell him anything,
Usually a traditional cut
With some concessions to the “footballer”!

I feel good when I leave this little shop
Near my house .
With joy in the hair but also in the heart
With some words more to give confidence
To back in normal life to my haircutter friend .

I love bringing my son too.
He cuts his hair well.
And he is also a living lesson
Of tolerance, acceptance of the different;
My little son slowly understanding
That life holds god and bad, beauty and ugliness,
Beyond the haircut….

THANK YOU my haircutter friend!
For your professional skills and your life lessons.

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