Just enjoy what you have now!


Ashok Silwal

The various social media,
Whether they are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or others,
Often urge us to live in the present.
The epicurean message of “carpe diem”
Comforts us, it energizes us, we like it,
Because it is an incitement to rejoice,
Not to think too much about the consequences:
“Enjoy the little things”, they say
“Don’t worry, be happy” sings Bobby Mc Ferrin,
Just as emblematic examples….
But we know that there is
A past, a present and a future.

Experience has taught us to become aware
That TIME goes on, it does not go back,
And so, between enthusiasm, curiosity,
Fear, nostalgia, tenderness, desire, hope,
We understand, we feel that our present
Does not fall from the sky suddenly,
But the present is mixed with the past
And already made with the future.
‘BEFORENOWTOMORROW’ is a unique living.

But now let’s reflect a little
On these moments “separately”

The PAST, in our hearts and minds, is associated
With a certain nostalgia and sadness.
The past is death, it is people
Who are no longer there.
It is fragile, it erases;
But Time knows how to select
What really matters from our past,
And it often chooses the best moments
Those which suggest joy, fun, togetherness,
Frienships and family affections,
Anniversaries, celebrations at home, at school….
Past, whether is good or bad ,
Has something to “teach” us;
It is a lesson, it is a warning,
Even if we know and experience
That often, we do again the same mistakes….
Both individually an collectively.
More pleasantly, past is tenderness in the heart.
Memories are a great little refuge
That keep images, colors, smells, gestures, looks,
And more….
They contain an inner strength,
They transmit energy to our being.
The past feeds us, it is our friend
Whom we always tend to embellish.
Sometimes we are ashamed of it, we are proud of it,
We laugh or cry about it…
He never dies and accompanies us even discreetly,
It is like a fertilized earth in which to plant
The seeds of our present and our future;
Past is reassuring: it keeps the roots of our tree.

And what about the FUTURE?
It excites us and frightens us.
About future we know few or nothing.
Future is the unlimited country
Of dreams, of imagination, of projects, of changes.
It has not yet taken place.
What the future might look like?
Adventurous, shining, dreadful,
Enigmatic, explosive, unpredictable,
Outstanding, mysterious, obscure….
Future is a mixture of hope and fear,
Sometimes dark, sometimes colorful.
The adjective also changes depending on the person:
Some see the glass half full, some see it half empty.
The future has no certainties.
It pushes us to do our best
But sometimes it paralyzes us:
We don’t have the courage to take the step
Toward the black hole,
We do not accept the risk of falling.
We all know we are hanging by a thin thread.
I like to think about a better future,
Individually and collectively.
Utopian vision of peace, of new medicines,
Of more comfort, of more justice, , less envy and dishonesty..
Not “Star Wars”…. but serenity and harmony

And between the past and the future….
The “gift”, the PRESENT, now….
That doesn’t even have time to exist!
Because it is immediately before and immediately after.
And here are all the tips:
-Just enjoy what you have now!
-Enjoy the little things because little things make big thing hapen!
-Live in the present and make it so beautiful
That it will be worth remembering!
-Don’t let the sadness of your past and the fear to your future
Ruin the happiness of your present
-Your entire life consists of the present moment.

And so on…….
And for this, patience, generosity, compassion,
Kindness, tolerance, understanding, forgiveness,… are invoked,
In addition to humility, to simplicity, to work,
Within you, you have to make all of this grow
In order to appreciate the present
With gratefulness, enthusiasm and passion.

Then you will understand
That past, present and future are one:
It is life, your life with its ups and downs,
Worth its smiles nd tears,
With its disappointments and its hopes.


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