Love is like a flower; it must flower and fade away 

Experience of Love

Gaurav Ojha

D.H. Lawrence says in one of his poems that love is like a flower; it must flower and fade away’, and just like a flower, love is also a transient experience that pours and slowly passes away. Like everything else in nature, love withers but never dies, and for every new season, it reshapes and reappears with different expressions of delight. And, to experience love, it is necessary for the lovers to cuddle each other tightly and dance together rather recklessly to enjoy the experience of love while it lasts.

As we do in life, we also need to adapt our loving relationships to the dynamic and contingent nature of human life. Love is not absolute, ideal, or static; rather, it is alive, vibrant, and relative. The experience of love only lasts for a short period of time, and if there is nothing to renew it, lovers will lose interest in each other and fall out. Hence, both lovers need to sit down together, rewrite the plots of their stories, renew their ideas about love, take on new roles and characters, and turn their relationship into an adventure that is resilient, exciting, dynamic, and durable.

The experience of love makes us feel that we have extended ourselves to another person. Love translates the lives of both lovers by infusing inspiring words, emotional support, creative expressions, and caring actions into their relationships, making them feel comfortable, fulfilled, harmonized, and nurtured. And if the experience of love is genuine, it becomes impossible to replace the person.

Besides, real love is reasonless. Love is not a calculation or an exchange; rather, it’s a commitment between lovers to recognize, support, share, and enrich each other’s emotional lives.

Similarly, the pleasure of sexual love heightens the intensity of our romantic connections; the lover feels the pulse of his beloved in every cell of his body and the beautiful emotions of his love surging through her heartbeat. The rapture of two consciousnesses smashing into one another like two rivers flooding into each other is the joy of physical love. Besides, when the sexual union of two beings is inspired by love, the deep experience of making love blossoms into a soulful interconnection of beings. Love and sex blended together do indeed make life joyful.

Apart from passionate love, our loving relationships also need the practical love of friendship, mutual support, respect, responsibility, and freedom. The small affections of care and companionship are precious in love. Hence, while in love, lovers need to understand that to experience love, it is their responsibility to discover the art of being together that makes them loveable for each other to love.

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