It’s all about the time


Smarika Pandey

It’s all about the time
All about the time you be here
After you’re gone you’re lost
Lost in the world no one knows
There is no you
But what is there is the memories you have created
The time you’ve spent
The footprints you’ve left behind
And the tasks you’ve fulfilled after being YOU.

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  1. Gift me a box of sorrows.
    One regret piled up on another regret
    Gift me life time sorrow.

    At times when I won’t be able to see you,I’d open the box
    A box sorrow,a sorrow of box.

    Hit me then,with the first sadness you have
    Touch my skin with the emptiness you Had and when I fail to express,simply give me the sorrows you’ve collected within your emptiness,the first one on the scale.
    That very one that made you loose sleep
    That very one that made you fall asleep
    Then my love,I shall be grateful for the tears I’d shed.

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