What would my daughter be like without me?

To my daughter

Gaurav Ojha

I have been asked about
My daughter, silence as she speaks
Her words are like stars in the sky
She still lives where it’s too easy to judge, pounce, punch, and pull her down
They say times are changing for daughters, but it is like a broken clock, exactly right twice a day
There are two queens in the chess boards
But many like her are only pawns
Compared without any comparisons
Drifting between ideals and violence.

What would my daughter be like without me?
She has to fail a thousand times to succeed once, and her success is a failure for so many
She runs around with my heart
My daughter struggle for your voice
Let your mind speak, stand for your sisters and brothers
Talk about situations
Stand firmly with your grudge.

Fly away in your own sky
From beneath my wings
without any limit
And, call me to the space you have found
Leave me out of your memories after I’m gone.

Don’t search for me again
Don’t reflect on my shadows.

My daughter knows that
She has to overcome challenges
More often than she would ever try
Make blunders, be reckless
And never allow your passions to subside
Never let your tears take the place of your pride.
Exchange your dignity for desirability
Speak softly in front of the candlesticks.

Don’t crumble before the ceremonies of men
Find your own way out of the age-old wilderness
No need to become, not a woman.

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