My beloved wife, my heart’s delight

kishor Sapkota

My beloved wife, my heart’s delight,
Today on this day of love so bright,
I write to you with all my might,
To express my love, strong and right.

It was thirty years ago in December,
When I first saw you, I do remember,
Playing in a ground with such fervor,
My heart stole away with your candor.

Ten long years I waited for you,
Every moment felt like an eternity, it’s true,
But then we became one, me and you,
Together, we embarked on a journey anew.

We now have two beautiful kids,
Life’s joys and happiness, our love amid,
We’ve shared so much, what a lovely bid,
But my love for you will never be rid.

I wish to grow old with you by my side,
For together, we can conquer any tide,
I’ll always give you love and support with pride,
My beloved wife, forever you’ll be my guide.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my love so dear,
To me, you’ll always be so near,
May our love forever persevere,
As long as we have each other, nothing to fear.

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