Teachers had to write


Arjun Dahal

He used to teach in a school
where theoretical approach towards education
was robust
Simply robust.

Teachers had to write
a brief sentence of only one line
in Day Log book
mentioning the classwork done
and homework provided.
Seperate copy was provided
to note down names of homework undoers.
And another seperate copy was provided
to note down names of unhygenic students.

Now let us examine the theoretical outcomes.
Each day,
photograph used to be taken
of each day log book
from each individual classes
and the photographs used to be sent
in Facebook messenger chat group
created by school
for each individual class.
That Day- log book
was an efficient tool
too monitor teachers
as well as teaching activites
and could be used to defend teachers too
from any complaints that would come
by observing the classroom activities of Day-log book
where as parents could observe
the daily classroom activities
of their childrens
via day-log book.
Homework undoers copy
would provide list of names
so that parents too would be able to know
on which date
their childrens didn’t did homework.
Hygiene copy would provide the names
of unhygienic students
so that parents would again be able to know
the hygiene of their students.

That was one of the brilliant teaching pedagogy developed
where physical classrooms
and online medium (Facebook Messenger)
was used
to provide the best possible results
with transparency
and two way communication
between parents and teachers.

He couldn’t teach the school for longer period
due to his personal circumstances
but before leaving
he thought to add a theoretical framework
in that pedagogy
and introduced
comments section
in the examination papers given by student
so that each individual student
again could be monitored
on basis of his strong points and weakness.
And he doesn’t know,
if his school implemented that policy or not
because the failure of school
was in understanding
because students and parents
couldn’t understood such a brilliant pedagogy.

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