Our love knows when to hold on and when to let go

My Valentine Sweetheart

Gaurav Ojha

Plato, in his dialogue ‘The Symposium’ gives us a myth to suggest that we human beings keep on yearning for our missing half, who would make our love life complete. Perhaps we were moon children before Zeus separated us and threw us into this divided world. My dear, you are my missing half. The day we held our hands together, I felt streams of warmth running through my veins. I would not sleep that night; there were bolts of thunder passing through my heart, and I was wounded rather deeply by Cupid’s arrow. Something mysterious would meld my heart and connect me to you.

Like both of us, our love is ordinary; there is nothing special about it. Aren’t we like long lost friends laughing together over a silly joke? Look how quickly we get disgusted with each other. Perhaps, the Darwinian Theory of Natural Selection is there to encourage us both. Because we know how to adapt to the shifting shadows of our lives, our love will survive the wrath of change. Our love is fragile like water, and it will keep on flowing.

My sweet heart, we are different, and there are still rifts and ridges in between us, but we have our committed love that bridges all our differences. My love, you are not my possession, I am here to stand beside you and support your dreams, not to cage you inside the prison of my desires. Our love tells us that you and I are free to be and become what we want in our lives; we are not so dependent on each other, and we can both survive even without each other.

Our love knows when to hold on and when to let go. My darling, our love is a love of understanding, and from the day I touched your life, I have found a friend who knows me better than myself. To conclude, my sweet Valentine, we have fallen in love in a world full of uncertainties, and if our love lasts for a lifetime, it would be an expectation, but my love, I know that with you by my side, every day is a day of new delight, careless love, laughter, creativity, confusion, or just living an ordinary life more than I would have done alone. My Valentine sweetheart, remember as we go on stitching the fabric of our love together in a world that keeps on pulling us apart, as poet Philip Larkin concludes in his poem An Arundel Tomb, what will survive us is nothing else but our love.

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