SCIENTIFICALLY FUNNY: About microbes and bacteria eating on our body !

as a dad

One evening, backing from a day outdoors, walking all day in sneakers…. my little one’s question was:

-Dad! Why do my feet sometimes smell ?

I laughed but .. knew immediately that it was serious question for him : he wanted to understand…

I launched into a “scientific” explanation which was given to me , years ago, by a friend of mine, together in trekking and sharing a room.
Dirty socks made us wrinkle our noses !!

It happens to everyone …. why?

Most of the odors we produce are caused by microbes growing on the skin.

Thinking of our body covered in microbes or more precisely bacteria , might seem unpleasant.

But scientists tell us that these microscopic creatures ( visible only under the microscope ) are always present on the skin and are often harmless.

There is a bacterium that is present throughout the body: its scientific name is STAPHYLOCOCCUS EDIDERMIDIS.

It is able to eat things called amino acids.

Just like all of us and like the pigeons you see from the window, after the bacteria have eaten, they have to get rid of their waste and these waste products – the poop of bacteria – are what make your feet stink!

What’s even more interesting is that that body odor begins to change with age. In fact, during the puberty, a new type of sweat gland is activated, for example those in the armpits.

Microbes live there , and when the new sweat gland are activated , the bacteria work to absorb body secretions and release foul-smelling waste.

This is why smelly armpits smell different than smelly feet : different sweats, different microbes!!

Like the jungle !

Now, if you are wondering why some parts of us smell stronger than others…..

Imagine the skin as an arid desert: the skin is dry, similar to the desert, due also to ultraviolet light like that which comes from the sun.

It’s a pretty harsh environment to live in.

Armpits and feet, on the other hand, are similar to the jungle!

They tend to be hot, humid and dark… all things that bacteria love !

My little one was very interesting … and look at his arms’ skin looking for running microbes !!

I calm him down right away ..

Here, you have more than a funny little story … you understand now?

-Yes dad … it is OK!

The stench is a phenomenon that can be explained in a scientific way, a way to know about our body too and , in this case, hygiene is also very important : once must not neglect to wash one self …… and the sneakers!

Talking soon about others phenomenons.

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