I still have to talk with Nepali teacher too


Arjun Dahal

I talked with my english teacher
during schooling
wanting to learn grammer and composition again,
and his words
were what I had wanted to learn from him
years back
and his words
provided me a decisive verdict
over a argument with celebrated poet Michael R. Burch
who relied on grammer
instead of words, context and meaning
like all the acclaimed poets had did.
He (English teacher) had taught us grammer
in a way
which is found in standard textbooks
and are meant to be reference books in higher level education
of english
with his words that spoke his confidence
“I will be your slave, if you find me wrong.”
That was his argument
which will hold true for eternity
and my today’s talk with him
was the longest conversation ever with him
and regarding poetry
I did excelled in just rhymes
not in meters and syllables
and that is what I seek to learn
with him again,
and fun is
I still have to talk with Nepali teacher too
to write metrical poetry
which I haven’t written a single piece.

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