KATHMANDU-DHAMPUS: 0ur journey ends with a smile on everyone’s face

Susham Sharma
Grade 9, Xt. Xavier’s School, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur

December 2, 2022 at 6:45 our journey started. A journey full of fun excitement and enjoyment.

Right after the completion of our exams, we of class 9 went for an educational tour to Dhampus. A beautiful place among the laps of Himalayas. We were all hyped for the tour.

It was a pleasant morning as we started our journey and soon reached Kalanki and then onto the hills. As we enjoyed the beautiful scenery we all started singing and dancing in about 1 and a half hour we crossed Kathmandu and had our first stop. We clicked some photos had a short tea break and then with a fresh mind we boarded the bus. We then started enjoying the pleasant winds and started singing and dancing. We were relieved after giving our exams and this was the perfect way to do it.

After enjoying for moments at around 9:30 am we stopped at Blue Heaven Restaurant, Malekhu for breakfast. It was a quick breakfast and enjoying the beautiful scenery we ate and left. We all meet each other and then boarded our buses. We then went towards our second destination of the day at Himalaya Tourist Kitchen, Tanahuh at around 12:45pm. We had taken all together 5 buses and all buses were there so we meet our friends from different buses enjoyed our time and had lunch.

We all were enjoying our fullest and we had to board our bus to the main destination of the day Pokhara. It was a long journey from there we all felt that after few hours but the energy was not lost. We all spend time with each other. Dancing, singing to playing games in the bus we found all sorts of things to keep us enjoyed. Enjoying our time at about 4:15 we entered the city of Pokhara. A beauty in itself on the very lap of the beautiful mountains full of arts Pokhara always has something new to give.

Reaching our destination we went to the first place to visit Devi’s fall and Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave. We were said about the history behind these places and seeing the beauty of Pokhara we all went towards our hotel room. We all checked in around 6:45. Boys were situated in Golden Gate Hotel and Girls were situated in Tuki Resort. We all saw our rooms and rested for some time. We were then called out for dinner. After eating our dinner we all went to a walk by the lake side.

Then moon was shining upon us and as we took a walk we then returned towards our rooms and then slept as we had to wake up early for the next day. With this our first day of the tour comes to an end.

Day 2

Around 4 in the morning we woke up to the silent Pokhara and as we woke up we went for a boat ride in Fewa Lake seeing the beautiful sun rise and the Himalayas we visited the Tal Barahi Mandir and then returned to the hotel for breakfast. After enjoying the morning we then headed towards the famous chamero gufa and then International Mountain Museum at around 9:20 in the morning. Then we started our journey to Dhampus. We ate a quick snack and then started our trek towards Dhampus.

Enjoying the scenery and the beauty around the area we reached Dhampus around 3 in the evening. The mountains seemed happy to see us and we were also happy to see the beautiful mountains. It was as if we were right below the mountains.

That was the clearest view of the Himalayas that I ever saw. It was a moment of pleasure and happiness. We then were quickly taken to our hotel rooms and we rested for some time had our dinner and all of us gathered at a bonfire. All of us were singing, dancing and enjoying our time.

At around 10 we all went back to our rooms and the day comes to an end with seeing the mountains.

Day 3

We woke up slow at around 6 and the first sight we saw was of the sunrise. A life time experience that each individual had to experience. It felt like we were seeing the most beautiful scenery ever. Nothing could ever surpass that view of the sun over the hills and mountains. Enjoying the view we had our breakfast then we all gathered and trekked downhill towards our busses and after boarding our bus we all came back to Kathmandu happily.

It was one the best 3 days ever imagined of. With this our journey ends with a smile on everyone’s face.

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