‘FRACTURED ‘, Voice of America

By Jennifer Glenn

My country is fractured like pieces of broken glass.  The lines of division between Americans have finally broken into an attempted coup at our Capitol in Washington D.C.  Never before has our Capitol been breeched by a mob of American citizens and the destruction they left behind, the lives lost, and the images captured is evidence of their anger and hate which has been fueled by lies from President Trump.

Lies, lies and more lies spout forth from President Trump who cares only for himself and his interests. Four years of rhetoric have led to this moment of dissention and hate by domestic terrorists.  Rampaging through the Capitol and yelling out for the hanging of Mrs. Pelosi, Vice President Pence, brandishing weapons, bombs found around the city and nooses hung up around the Capitol.  These actions are the actions of terrorists.

Like rats on a sinking ship, Trump’s loyalists within the government are jumping ship into open water in hopes of saving themselves and forever being remembered as complacent followers who helped fracture America. For four years I’ve seen and felt the momentum building to what accumulated into last weeks attack, but still the shock of witnessing government workers cowering under their desks, in the chamber, and our democracy being under siege will forever leave a stain on our country.  If our democracy is to survive, we must learn from our mistakes.  We must hold our President accountable.  We must hold individuals who violated the Capitol accountable.  Justice needs to be served and it needs to start with President Trump.

I continue to have hope that we can repair what has been broken, but it means working together, dispelling lies, unifying in the midst of our differences.  We are Americans, we live by an ideal set forth in democracy, it’s a belief we should strive for but have yet to achieve. There is still hope.

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