Dialogue with my little one

As a dad

Time goes very fast,
It is obvious,
But when you have a small child,
It goes even faster
Marked by daily progresses.
And it is how
The time of the “whys” and questions arrives!
It goes hand in hand
With the discovery of the surrounding world.
Then I hear asking to me :
-Dad !…..
WHY is it raining now?
WHY does the moon change its shape?
WHY does the fire burn?
WHY have we to close our eyes to sleep ?
WHY some men have hair and some don’t have?
WHY have we to eat and drink…. to think?
WHY are tomatoes red?
WHY….. WHY……WHY…..?
The “ WHYS” are endless.
We feel like laughing and frowning.
But well on their way:
They are a sign of curiosity,
Of wonder and intelligence;
They must be respected and answered.
Sometimes they leave us blown away……
Often simple explanations suffice.
But not always….

-Dad !…
What does THINKING mean?
OPS!!!!! ….Not so easy to answer.
And I tried so:
Thinking is, first of all ,
Not accepting everything that is proposed to us.
It is knowing how to say “no”
Every now and then.
To think is to reflect,
To discuss, to talk, to exchange ideas.
To think is to doubt and to hesitate;
To think is to dare ;
To think is to realize we exist
In the world around us.

He looked at me with serious
Questioning, passionate eyes.

Then even before he asked another question
I added:
It is the philosophy that teaches us to think.
-Oh! And WHY?
What’s this? What means this word?
-It means love of wisdom.
Loving wisdom is wanting to understand things
In order to behave better in live.
The love of wisdom is love of knowledge,
It is the desire to know
The will tp ask those who know
To explain complicated or difficult words,
At school for example.
If it is explained in words
That everyone can understand,
Philosophy is not only for adults
It is also for you…..

He seemed very satisfied and said:
-OH! Great!
Now I am going to play
But , please dad, can we still talk
About philosophy?

I smiled… I was amazed…
I was happy with that moment.
Time goes very fast……
It was important to grasp it.
And this great advice came to my mind:

“SPEAK in such a way
That others love to LISTEN to you.
LISTEN in such a way
That others love to SPEAK to you.”

With your small son
As well as with an adult
Relatives, friends, acquaintances,
People like you….

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