Dahlia TERA

In the twilight of the early morning,
When the words begin to draw inside you ,
And sometimes they mix
In a sparkling or destroying tangle;
When I was looking for a special one
Instead of the usual “good morning”…
A shining word, a tender word,
A new and different word ,
Maybe a non-existent word….
For wishing a positive and happy day
With my whole heart and being..

I wondered ,
A bit sad, a bit worried, a bit fearful…
Where the unread written words end up?
Where has their power melted?

In the abyss of uselessness,
In the infinity of silence,
In the endless blue of the sky,
In the immensity of the unknown…..
Are they waiting for you somewhere?
Are they flying around you
Like thousand butterflies
That will die after being beautiful?

But.. at the end.. it does not matter:
Even a simple “good morning ”
Bringing me to you can be so meaningful..

A shining GOOD MORNING and peaceful GOOD NIGHT .. then!

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